Betaniahjemmet is an independent nursing home with an operating agreement with Frederiksberg Municipality. The nursing home is owned and run by the Betania Foundation, which is an organisation under the Methodist Church in Denmark.

At Betaniahjemmet, we work from a Christian foundation specifically focussing on the individual resident’s physical, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual needs as a unity.

Betaniahjemmet is first and foremost a home, not an institution. It is home to the residents and their families. We respect the individual resident’s private life and residence. As a result, the staff does not wear uniform or name tags, but their private clothes.



Our care philosophy is especially inspired by theologian K.E. Løgstrup, and is theory about “the meeting” between people. When you meet somebody you become co-responsible for the other’s happiness. The residents leave their happiness in the hands of the staff, thus it becomes our most important task to preserve that happiness. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to get to know the resident and his/her story and interests, in this way the residents’ identity is respected and upheld in the meeting.

Another inspiration for our job is nursing professor Katie Eriksson, and her theory regarding caring, playing and learning.  Betaniahjemmet is very focussed on good care for demented, and thus turn to psychologist Tom Kitwood for inspiration.



At Betaniahjemmet, we have established a dementia unit, with a special consultant, and we also produce films and give lectures on caring for the demented.

Our aim is to focus on the residents’ resources and possibilities, rather than shortcomings and diseases. We take our point of departure from the individual identity, and try to strengthen this identity through meaningful activities and inclusion in the community at the home.  


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