Betania Film 

BetaniaFilm is a film company connected to the nursing home Betaniahjemmet at Frederiksberg. The goal for BetaniaFilm is to produce easily accessible material that helps distribute the knowledge of elder life and elder care.

  The company has produced two documentaries on dementia, entitled:

  • Fill my heart - thou golden sun
  • Memories are my own

Both films are distributed to libraries, educational istitutions and nursing homes in Denmark and Scandinavia, they have furthermore been broadcasted on DR TV. The films also participated in the Documentary Film Festival in Hot Springs, Arkansas in 2003.


The Last Station

Does life end when you move to a nursing home?

June 3rd 2010 BetaniaFilm released their 3rd film, - a film about becoming a nursing home resident.


A film about everyday life at Betaniahjemmet - "Betaniahjemmet, Frederiksberg"

In spring 2011 the latest addition was released. It's a film about Betaniahjemmet, its activities and the philosophy behind it all. For the residents, music, dancing, training and travelling are parts of everyday life at Betaniahjemmet. In this latest film, the viewer is invited in for a guided tour conducted and narrated by both residents and staff.



1 film      kr.200,-
2 films    kr.350,-
3 films    kr.450,-
4 films    kr.550,-
All prices include taxes and VAT, but shipping costs are added.


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