Study visits

At Betaniahjemmet we offer study visits which include a guided tour around our facilities and a lecture on Betaniahjemmet's philosophy and approach to elder care:

  • Betaniahjemmet's history
  • Philosophy: The meeting between resident and staff
  • Identity and identity creative activities
  • Facilities and projects


Furthermore, we offer teachings on dementia based on the film" Fill my heart, thou golden sun" and involving the following subjects:

  • The meeting between resident and staff (K.E. Løgstrup)
  • The whole individual - despite of dementia
  • Physical training and dementia
  • Reminiscence activities
  • The anatomy and physiology of the brain
  • Frontal lobe dementia



Film projection

We are happy to come to you and show our films, eg. " The Last Station" and explain how the movie came about and how we use the film in our dailylife at Betaniahjemmet.

Headmaster Benedikte Korsager and leading physiotherapist Alaa Gamal is in charge of the lectures.

For further information, prices and ordering, please contact  or +45 40 87 08 08.